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Osman Khalid Butt supports Firdous Jamal

The latest celebrity to share some thoughts regarding what has happened is Osman Khalid Butt.

In a tweet, the actor shared a note starting off with how banning an actor due to his opinion, “however dangerous said opinion might be, sets a dangerous precedent”.

“Because then your outrage cannot remain selective.”

He called to end this cycle of pitting celebrities against one another, such as when they appear on talk shows and are asked to give their candid views for the sake of fodder, adding that the industry needs to be unified and respectful of each other.

And no, he isn’t suggesting they lie through their teeth while sharing an opinion but that “criticism can be constructive rather flagrantly dismissive, no?”

Added Osman, “Problematic behavior should and must be called out. But you cannot play at extremes either way.”

He also warned that cancel culture seems to have missed the point: “You are not allowing anyone to reflect on their mistakes, or to atone.”

He concluded: “Choosing not to work with someone because of their opinions is not a violation of their free speech rights. Dismissing their contribution to our industry, though, is regrettable.”

When veteran actor Jamal made some fairly regressive comments about Khan last week, many from the fraternity came together to defend the Ho Mann Jahaan actor; MD Productions, Momina Duraid went so far as to announce that her company “will not work with him again in any capacity because of his sexist, regressive and discriminatory attitude.”

“We are ashamed of him for being a part of our fraternity”, said Duraid.

Soon after, #SupportFirdousJamal started trending on social media, thanks to Jamal’s son, Hamza Firdous who created the hashtag. Even Shaan Shahid and Feroze Khan chimed in, with the latter writing, “Is this where freedom of speech gets you? Getting someone’s bread and butter cancelled?”

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