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Pakistan-made substandard skin whitening creams have damaged our country’s reputation- Masarrat Misbah

Skin whitening creams have damaged our country’s reputation – Masarrat Misbah

The cosmetics industry has traditionally relied on convincing people that they are incomplete without their products.

Recently, it was revealed that these whitening creams include include harmful and poisonous chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury which can cause organ failure and cancer.

While highlighting the harmful effect of skin whitening creams, Masarrat Misbah called upon the government to take an action against the manufacturers of such products, many of which contained potent steroids and high concentration of toxic metals.

“This problem has reached alarming levels and taken the form of an epidemic. Now, we are seeing girls belonging to the northern areas, who naturally have a fairer complexion, using such products and ruining their facial skin.” 

Sharing her experience, Ms. Misbah said that she came to know about these harmful creams some years ago when she saw their side-effects on faces of some girls getting treatment for burn injuries.

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