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Pakistani cinema has seen a string of flop films - Nadeem

Pakistani cinema has seen a string of flop films – Nadeem

Punjab nahi jaungi boasts a formidable star cast including Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat. Their amazing onscreen chemistry is once again being utilized, Punjab nahi jaungi has been produced by Six Sigma and directed by Nadeem Baig.

Coming after a slew of disappointing films that released this summer, PNJ is definitely a pick-me-up.

Recently in an interview we asked Nadeem how he managed to be a successful filmmaker, he said; The main factor could be the director-producer equation.

“If someone comes to me and Humayun with a bad film concept, we genuinely advise them against it. It’s very sad to see people investing and losing money by making the wrong films.”

The power of television has grown tremendously in Pakistan over the last two decades. Whenever a play was a hit, we thought that this is what the audience wanted to see and every channel started making similar plays… that nobody wanted to see! Thanks to this ratings race, what I want to show and say as a director has been superseded by what the audience wants to see. So what is lost in the process is the importance of the art of storytelling.

Humayun and Mehwish have a certain chemistry on screen and the audience has always loved it. Plus both of them are such accomplished actors… so why not use them together? But having said that I will only take Humayun if the character suits him and not because he is the producer, he further added when asked if Mehwish and Humayn are your favorite lead couple.

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