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Pakistanis are cancelling Netflix over “Bard of Blood”

Pakistanis are canceling their Netflix subscriptions and they have Bollywood’s King Khan to blame.

Recently the ‘King of Bollywood‘, Shahrukh Khan released the trailer for his new Netflix series ‘Bard of Blood’. Immediately, an overwhelming number of Pakistanis took SRK to task over stereotyping Muslims as brown terrorists yet again.

While Bollywood has done so for ages, the Pakistani audience expected better from Netflix. Especially since Netflix has also created well-received content like Brown NationDear White People, and When They See Us.

Not even SRK or the writer Bilal Siddiqui stopped once to think about the severity of projecting racist stereotypes against brown Muslims.

Swedish-Pakistani YouTuber, Furqan Shayk called for Muslims to cancel their Netflix subscriptions to send a clear message.

Unlike Furqan Shayk, Pakistanis don’t have the option of switching to Hulu for the time being. But are brown Muslims really going to allow their money to be used to paint them as terrorists?

Most Pakistani Muslims joined Furqan Shayk and canceled their subscriptions.



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