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"I Am Paul Walker" is being produced by a collaboration between Network Entertainment and Paramount

Paramount is making a documentary about Paul Walker

You can love or hate the Fast and Furious movie franchise and the summer blockbuster action extravaganza it’s become. However, it’s hard to say the passing of franchise star and avid car enthusiast Paul Walker was anything but tragic. Walker died unexpectedly Nov. 30, 2013, as a passenger in a car crash. Now, a new documentary will chronicle the actor’s prolific life both on screen and off.

Paramount Network and filmmaker Derik Murray have partnered to create “I Am Paul Walker,” a documentary on the life and tragic death of the Fast and Furious actor.

Per sources, “I Am Paul Walker will feature interviews with many of Walker’s cast mates as well as friends who knew him best…The film will explore Walker’s prolific film career and also showcase, among other things, the actor’s passion for the world’s oceans and marine life and his work to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake.”

The production house bringing this documentary to the screen has also previously recreated the lives of many iconic figures such as Bruce Lee, Heath Ledger and Muhammad Ali. I Am MLK Jr. is the company’s next release, due to debut on April 2, 2018.

Details about the cast and crew of the documentary will be released in the coming weeks.

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