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Priyanka Chopra slams Wendy Williams and we totally love it!

Priyanka Chopra slams Wendy Williams and we totally love it!

Although Priyanka Chopra never responds to any controversies going around on social media, but when she have to make things straight she comes up with a perfect response. Recently at Wendy Williams TV talk show, while having a conversation, the host not-so-subtly brought up that Chopra was close with Markle, whom Williams characterized as Prince Harry’s girlfriend.

Chopra’s facial expressions immediately turned stern, and she responded with the following: “Also, Meghan Markle, actress, Suits, her achievements. Just saying.” “OK, I understand that,” Williams retorted, continuing. “But do you think they’ll get married?” In slightly better spirits, Chopra responded: “I don’t know, I hope so. She seems happy…I think they look great together. High-profile relationships are so stressful anyway. As a friend, I wouldn’t want to add to that at all.”

Pressing on even further, Williams asked if Chopra would serve as a bridesmaid if a royal wedding between the two ever took place. “I don’t think I’m that close to her. I’ve known her about two years now, we randomly met at a party and got on really well. So I don’t know if I’ll get an invite, if I’m even invited.” So, she’s certainly a lot more than just a girlfriend.

And in this video clip of Priyanka Chopra’s, she proved that she’s her own fan.

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