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Film Project Ghazi is finally hitting screens again & has a trailer to prove it

Project Ghazi is set to return to screens and this time, it’ll hopefully stay.

It looks like Team Ghazi has been working quietly on the side since the summer of 2017. Now we not only have a release date but a new trailer to let us know that this is happening for real. Starring Sheheryar Munawar, Humayun Saeed and Syra Sharoz, the film is set to be Pakistan’s first superhero action flick.

The trailer shows new scenes as compared to the previous trailer and has a few throwbacks as well. As people who’ve seen the original – and can never forget it – we see a lot of the same shots but are hoping the post production, including the VFX work, editing and sound mixing, has been kicked up as much as it needed to be. And boy did it need to be.

“I couldn’t let this be the final product of Project Ghazi. The audience couldn’t be shown this. How can people judge a movie that they couldn’t even hear properly?” Humayun Saeed said about the original release at the time.

Sheheryar Munawar revealed that, “The issue of sound and sync have been sorted now. I’ve had a chat with the producer and the director and I think Humayun has been speaking to them on this front as well, so has Syra so I think between us three we have taken an interest and over a period of time kept in touch with them and this is a surety that we’ve gotten from the producer and the director that they have been working on it and from what I know, they have.”

“It’s a year and a half’s worth of work that I put into the project, there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that went into this project and no matter what happened or will happen, as an actor, as an artist I feel it’s only fair to the entire team and to myself that it sees the light of day. So yes, I am excited about the hard work that went into it and it’s finally being showcased.”

“This time the team will be watching the film together soon. The actors have been busy with their other films.”

He added, “I was slightly upset because I felt to my fans and the audience it was slightly unfair last time, I hope this time the producer and the director can do justice to the film which I know they will because they’ve put in the hours.”

“With a film you can never expect how well the audience will respond. The most you can do is put in the hard work and pray for the best. It’s been a long journey, we have had setbacks, we had to deal with it, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster. We all made peace with it and we’re excited about the film coming out, let’s see the audiences’ response.”

The film has now been slated for release on March 22, which is the same date for Nehr Ghar’s debut project Laal Kabootar. What does that mean for both movies? We can only wait to know more.

“I have high expectations from it right now. The trailer is looking good a lot better from last time, so let’s hope for the best,” said Sheheryar.

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