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Rabi Pirzada tries to troll Mehwish Hayat for her Kashmir comments

Mehwish Hayat recently irked many when a video of her refusing to make a comment on the Indian atrocities in Kashmir went viral.

Fans did not hold back and lashed out at the actress. And now Singer Rabi Pirzada passed on some very shady remarks about Mehwish.

“No doubt mahwish is much better than me,my parents won’t allow me to do item song like BILLI or have friendships with important people. I m far behind her inexperience. But I couldn’t imagine anybody in Pakistan refusing to talk about Kashmir under any circumstances.#kashmirkibeti” wrote Pirzada.


She further unnecessarily discussed Hayat’s private matters, revealing some personal details about her life,” And I have seen her surgeries, she looks pretty after that, n yes true I don’t have enough money for making my lips or face better. I would rather help someone than wasting on spoiling what Allah Has made. ”

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