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Rishi Kapoor slams young bollywood actors

Rishi Kapoor slams young bollywood actors

Rishi Kapoor, who is known for his bold statements, went on a Twitter rage to demonstrate his disappointment over current bollywood actors’ not going to the memorial service of Vinod Khanna.

The 64 year old performing artist didn’t hesitate to thrash the stars for their absence. He showed his anger by saying,

“Dishonorable. Not ONE performing artist of this era went to Vinod Khanna’s memorial service. What’s more, that too he has worked with them. Must figure out how to regard.”

He didn’t stop there and said that he is extremely furious at today’s “alleged stars” for going to Priyanka Chopra’s occasion on Wednesday night in huge numbers, yet not Vinod Khanna’s funeral.

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