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"Saba Qamar is an excellent actor" - Irrfan Khan

“Saba Qamar is an excellent actor” – Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan’s upcoming movie Hindi Medium has Pakistani actress Saba Qamar as the leading lady. The actor feels lucky that the movie is releasing without any kind of problem.

“The environment has become such that anything can happen any time. I remember at the time of Billu Barber, something had happened over a word. So, you always feel lucky when there’s no controversy, you never get to know when a mountain is made out of a molehill,” said Irrfan, who described his experience of working with the “talented” Saba as “excellent.”

He further said, “I think working with Saba Qamar was an amazing experience, she is an excellent actor.”

On his previous movie “Barber”, before its release, the Hairdressers’ Associations of Mumbai criticized over the initial title Billu Barber. As a result, the ‘barber’ had to be cropped out. Also, when Madaari was released in 2016, the actor had faced the heat for his remarks around qurbani.

So after getting this much criticism, he has now become very careful while speaking anything publicly. He said,

“Yes… I am very careful, and I realised one thing: we don’t have a place where you can go and express yourself and say what you want to, you’re a media person and your intentions may be good and you might write the thing in the right context. But after you write it, your words will be broken into different contexts and I can’t even comment on what extent it will happen. So, it is very unfortunate that we don’t have a platform where we can say anything.”

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