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Saheefa Jabbar confesses her experience of fighting depression and anxiety

Numerous celebrities have been talking about depression and uncovering their own anxiety and share their depression on their online networking accounts amid the previous couple of years and its extremely typical and one should know how to manage such conditions. Pakistan’s supermodel Saheefa Jabbar is one of the celebrities who has posted in regards to her experience of battling depression and anxiety and she expresses that the family and friends of the influenced individual should manage it in an exceptionally typical way. It is not all that much and anybody can experience such stage. She trusts that her story will offer quality to other people who are battling comparable fights.

The post is being included underneath in which Saheefa has admitted her fight against depression:

Sometimes i don’t know what to reply to those beautiful wives, mothers, daughters who text me & tell me how they feel suicidal and are internally unhappy and how their spouse, their mothers or siblings don’t understand the way they feel. They just want to self harm themselves or just want to run away. I want to confess this for the first time publically that i have a very serious anxiety disease, i feel suicidal, likewise many times i want to die too. I am blessed with the best parents, husband, in laws & am doing great in my professional and personal life, but still there is one side of me which feels incomplete. I just want to tell out to all those beautiful people who feel the same that it’s okay! One fine day everything will be fine. We’ll do great in our lives and there wont be any sleepless night and we wouldn’t want to have an intentional accident while driving. So everyone just chill, be patient, pray, be happy and repeat! 🍻 and i believe it’s high time we accept that depression, anxiety exists in our society and we should discuss and talk about it. #saheefajabbarkhattak

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Saheefa said that she didn’t share her experience as any open trick yet to help other poor young ladies and ladies who have a craving for submitting suicide and completion the life. Saheefa shared that “After the first iftaar I got a message that smashed me. A young lady imparted her story to me and said she had a craving for committing suicide. I needed to help! I needed to answer in light of the fact that occasionally one answer can spare an existence. I’ve been there so I know,” She specified it, There were times when she excessively needed, making it impossible to confer suicide. “I’m an extremely enthusiastic individual. In the event that you’ve noticed I post white pictures on Instagram, however they’re never irregular. Those are passionate upheavals,” she included, uncovering that is the way she manages issues that trouble her. The model likewise expressed that “We need to help each other battle depression without being judgemental. Likewise, we should quit blending religion with everything. A self-destructive individual doesn’t should be addressed; they simply should be heard and cherished.”

We absolutely stand with Saheefa, battling depression isn’t simple yet one can help other people by indicating consideration and love! More power to you saheefa for coming forward and sharing this with all of us! Hope this helps alot of people who are fighting depression and anxiety.

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