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Sajid Khan admits lying, cheating and deceiving multiple women in 20s

Sajid Khan has been accused of harassment by four women: a journalist, a former assistant, and two actors. Not only them but Bollywood actresses Dia Mirza and Bipasha Basu have also revealed how Sajid used to pass sexist comments on the sets of the films they worked at.

In his latest interview, Sajid revealed that “I have been in and out of so many relationships that I have learnt. I was a big dog in my 20s…”

“I have broken a lot of hearts. I have lied, I have cheated, I have deceived, like most of the guys do. But I was on television, I was getting successful, I was getting brashier. I was treating women very badly. All the nice girls in my life I have treated badly in my 20s,” he further stated.

Sajid Khan further shared that in his 30s, he began to concentrate on his work. “I started concentrating on filmmaking and when you start making films you don’t mind start getting very attracted to women – doesn’t mean that you get attracted to men. You only start thinking about your films.”

Earlier this week, the Indian Film & TV Directors’ Association issued Sajid Khan a show-cause notice asking him to explain his behavior.

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