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Salman Khan lashes out at Sushant Singh Rajput for misbehaving

Salman Khan who is loved by everyone and who also supports all his fellow actors not only takes them under his wings but is also protective of them. So, if anybody tries to even hurt the people Salman loves then that person gets to see the other side of Salman.

Similarly, recently we came to know that the ‘MS Dhoni’ actor, Sushant Singh Rajput allegedly misbehaved with ‘Hero’ actor Sooraj Pancholi. Sooraj was shocked by Sushant’s improper behavior for no solid reason to trigger such lead.

When Salman came to know about this issue, it left him agitated. The superstar immediately called Sushant and gave him a piece of his mind. He warned him to maintain distance from Sooraj. Sushant on the other hand quickly apologized, with the assurance that he wouldn’t commit the same mistake again.

Well, now you would never ever want to mess with the one’s Salman loves!

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