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I would love to work in Pakistan again - Shabnam

Shabnam can still break millions of hearts with her smile and charm

Recently Pakistan Film and TV Journalists Association (PFTVJA) held a media meeting to welcome legendary film actor Shabnam to Pakistan.

When asked if she would still like to work in Pakistani films even after moving to Bangladesh, she spoke straight from her heart and said:

“Artists and sportspersons cannot be held back by borders. We build bridges for friendships. I was in Pakistan over four years ago, in 2012, and I was surprised that even the younger generation here knew about me. They wanted me to do films here, and quite frankly I have no issues with that,”

Veteran actor Mustafa Qureshi, who was also present at the event, said that even though Shabnam was visiting Pakistan, she was still home.

She gave Pakistani cinema the most significant years of her life.”

“I salute Bangladesh for not screening Indian films. Out here we choose to ignore our own local talent to promote Indian talent. Is this any way of showing love for your land?” 

Even though Shabnam is not working in local cinemas anymore she can still break millions of hearts with her smile and charm.

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