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Shah Rukh Khan to cast “Fawad Khan” as “Professor” in the remake of Money Heist??

If rumors are to be believed, Shah Rukh Khan is going to make a remake of Netflix season “Money Heist”. Well our reaction was same – “Like seriously???” 

Looks like he is not getting any hit movie so he decided to make remakes. LOL!! First “Lion King” and now “Money Heist”. God knows what directors of original series would be feeling right now. SIGHH!

But we, Pakistanis are so talented and skilled than these actors that we don’t need to make a remake but we can help them cast people! So this Pakistani named Shehzad Ghias has made things easier for Shah Rukh Khan. And he has a perfect actor for the role of professor – money heist!! Our chocolate hero – Fawad Khan!! 


Just imagine Fawad Khan in professor avatar!! We’re blushing already! 

Its a free advice for you Shah Rukh, take it or leave it! 

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