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Shaista Lodhi finally reveals why she left the media industry!!

Shaista Lodhi was a part of media industry for a long time, but in recent times she has distanced her self from the glitz and glamour of the media world.

She faced her fare share of highs and low during her time on t.v, with many controversies and allegations for her morning show. But things didn’t change even is she switched channels for her image.

But after all the hardship she has finally having time of her life, investing in her real profession as a doctor and taking time for herself.  She need no introduction and a sticking to her soul profession.

She recently opened about her life changing experience in the latest episode of Rewind With Samina Peerzada, where she addressed about her decision of leaving media industry:

 ” I was doing morning show for so long, I felt that somehow, somewhere I had lost my own self, There were so much glitz and glamour, and such a fast pace on everything that even in my normal routine I found myself always in a haste, always restless.”

” Then there came a point I realized, I cannot do this anymore. I realized if I continue to be in this field I’ll be left all alone in the end, it’s all temporary, superficial, Now if you look at it in financial terms, it’s a loss. But the inner peace that I have found after leaving showbiz, I think it’s too big of a gain to think of any financial loss.”


” I had to think of how I’ll send my kids to school, how to give them a better life. At that point, sticking to the job only made sense to me, or so I explain myself now.”

” Thoughts would come on how I can use this morning show platform to educate people, do better content, but then the editorial pressure or the pressure of bringing ratings to retain the job would get the better of me.”

” Now when I look back, I think I should have at least tried to talk to my superiors, maybe find a 50/50 way. If I did “shadi biyah” I could have done other things on other days.”

She also spoke about her childhood memories:

” I didn’t want to be a doctor, my mother forced me into MBBS. I fought with her for a long time but now when I come back from the clinic and even though I am tired, I thank her, she made the right decision by giving me an alternate path in life.”

No doubt she has struggled a lot, but she is a strong lady with ambition and changing the perception of many people through her work.



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