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Sister’s Act-Sidra Aziz defends Iqra Aziz against hateful tweets

What happens when your sister’s glow up post gets trolled publically on twitter? You take action and fight back!

Recently, Iqra Aziz posted a picture from when she was 14 years old and compared it to one of her recent selfie’s. The picture got circulated all around twitter and was a target to hateful comments like,

“Reminder: You are not ugly, you are just poor.”

Iqra’s older sister Sidra Aziz took notice and immediately came out on Twitter to defend her. She addressed that everybody goes through puberty and the media industry brings a huge impact on your appearance. Sidra made sure the world knows that glamour and extravagance never defines a woman. She posted a picture of her adolescence as a rebuttal, supporting Iqra and her individuality.

She stated that grooming yourself comes with age and everybody goes through a plain looking phase when they are young. Iqra’s sister was able to reel in a lot of comments that stood against all the hateful comments that undermine other women. Digging into old photos of celebrities just to compare their looks rather than focusing on their skills and talent is quite discriminatory.

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