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Sorry Sahir Lodhi! Shah Rukh might be digging his grave after watching your trailer

Sorry Sahir Lodhi! Shah Rukh might be digging his grave after watching your trailer

Sahir Lodhi has finally managed to come back to the limelight with the teaser of his upcoming movie, Raasta’s first song “Dil Fakir”. Apart from acting, the ingenious Mr. Lodhi has penned the script, co-directed and co-produced the movie too. So much brains in one place!

I had the misfortune to watch this trailor and all I could say is that my eyes popped out of head. It comes as a no surprise that Sahir Lodhi successfully managed to copy Shah Rukh Khan in the lamest and the most pathetic way possible.

From Chaltay Chaltay to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum to the upcoming much awaited blockbuster, Raees; Lodhi has left no iconic scene to be ripped apart from Shah Rukh Khan’s best portfolio.

Sahir Lodhi brings the dead back to life with his on-point look and style that doesn’t even fade when the entire ground around him shakes with the impact of a bomb blast. Oh man was I wrong! This man still stands ‘glorious’, even when heroes like Shah Rukh himself would have run away. This definitely left my eyes bleeding!

This was just a teaser, “Magar Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost”, and we are totally not impatient for this movie to launch. Mr. Lodhi and the team can definitely take their time to finish the shootings and wrap-up. Till then, we wish this movie never releases.


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