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Taher Shah impresses us with his new body beat

Taher Shah impresses us with his new body beat

Taher Shah will soon be coming up with a song ‘Mermaid’, which will be releasing on this Christmas.

Earlier, after his debut song ‘Eye to Eye’ Taher Shah came back with his next track “Angel” though; this time the leaked image of his song ‘mermaid’ on social media tells that this song will be releasing on 25th December over Christmas.

Taher Shah is the only person who never gives up; no matter how negatively people react to his videos and songs. Our eyes couldn’t bear his eye to eye song, then he showed the worst side of an angel and now lets just prepare ourselves for a disastrous mermaid.

But for now, Taher Shah hasn’t officially confirmed about his latest song, so lets just hope it is just a rumor.

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