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Ten surprising facts about Disney you didn’t know yet

Disney’s cartoons are watched by all sort of people; be they are teenagers or adults. The characters are so engaging and relate-able that we can’t get over their adorableness. The stories are so similar to our lives, that we are encouraged to take risks in life. But there are so facts about these characters which probably we didn’t know. Trust me, you will get surprised to know them.

Hercules and Ariel are relatives


According to the story of these cartoons, Hercules is the son of Zeus and Ariel is the daughter of King Triton and this make them cousins of each other because Greek mythology says that, king Triton and Zeus are bothers.


Captain Hook killed Ariel’s mother


Peter Pan’s friend, a mermaid; looks just like Ariel’s mother, Athena. The mermaids from Peter Pan were afraid of Captain Hook all the time.  In the second part, we find out that Captain Hook killed Athena. So we can assume he killed Ariel’s mother.

Bella’s favorite book is Aladdin


Remember the description Bella gave in the movie? It is just like Aladdin- First the prince saves Princess from the guard, daring sword fights and magic spells also a magic carpet and genie!

Andy’s mom is probably the real owner of Jessie


Andy and Jessie’s hat is exactly similar. Jessie’s owner had the same hat. Which means Andy’s mother gave the hat to her son. Okay too much confusion right?

Tarzan’s Jane is Beauty and the Beast’s granddaughter


They look alike plus they wear the same Yellow color. Need more facts? Sure. In the expedition Jane has the similar tea set as Belle had in Beauty and the Beast.

Elsa and Anna’s parents died on their way to Rapunzel’s wedding


The director of Frozen told during an interview that the king and queen were going to attend a wedding in the neighboring kingdom. On Elsa’s coronation day, we can spot married Rapunzel and Flynn together. Got the connection?

The Ship in the Little Mermaid is of King and Queen of Arendelle


The kingdom of Arendelle is situated in Norway. Rapunzel’s kingdom is somewhere in Germany. The story of the Little Mermaid takes place at the coast of Denmark that is located on the route of the ship.

Carl dies at the beginning of UP


The story of Up in the beginning shows us Carl and his wife which looks quite realistic from rest of the movie which includes talking dog and flying house. Even if we assume that this action takes place in the afterlife where Carl tries to find his wife, it makes sense.

Tarzan is the lost brother of Anna and Elsa


According to the director of Tarzan and Frozen; the king and queen of Arendelle didn’t die in a shipwreck. They survived and build a tree house where the Queen gave birth to a baby boy and later the family was attacked by a tiger and only the baby survived. So that baby is Tarzan and he is Elsa and Anna’s brother.

Aladdin is just a made up story by the salesman


Remember the salesman in the beginning who tries to sell the lamp? He attempted to make you stay by his self-made story about Aladdin. So, Aladdin is basically a fictional character in a fictional movie.


I guess my whole life has been a lie because according to the facts above, Elsa and Anna are Jane’s sisters in law. Good show Disney!

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