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This Pakistani boy is a lookalike of Emraan Hashmi & I bet you can’t guess which one is real

There are many people who resemble many celebrities, but this one’s for sure a total carbon copy!

Well guys, this time we’re talking about Emraan Hashmi! You won’t believe it but this guy from Sialkot, Pakistan, is an exact copy of Bollywood Actor Emraan Hashmi and we bet you won’t be able to guess which one is real! His name is Mazdaak.

Here are some pictures of the young man who looks just like the Murder 2 star.

While talking to Mazdaak, he said, “I really like it when people throng me for selfies and want to talk to me. I have become a star without being a star and am extremely happy.”

He is planning to become a model and later an actor.

I am sure you all will double check his pictures to make sure that he is not Emraan Hashmi. Now let’s see what Emraan Hashmi has to say about his lookalike!

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