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Tom Holland says Goodbye to Spider Man and take on the Iron Man

According to the grapevine, Tom Holland is all set to take on the responsibilities of Iron Man after the third installment of the Spider-Man film. Disney head Bob Iger recently revealed that Holland played a catalyst in reuniting Sony and Marvel Studios for a two-deal project.


As a result, Kevin Feige will be a part of Spider-Man 3 and another film featuring the superhero with other MCU characters. According to a new report, Holland could kiss Spider-Man goodbye and fill the shoes of Robert Downey Jr to become the new Iron Man in the superhero universe.

Time and again, we’ve seen Peter Parker proclaiming he wants to be like Tony Stark. As per a report in ‘We Got This Covered’,  Feige could be planning to lay a path for Parker to become the next Iron Man.

Sources have told the international website that Holland’s character “will be the new Iron Man going forward.”

Explaining the scoop, the site writes, “In the sense that he too will be the biggest, most well-known hero in the world, and will continue to wear iron suits that come complete with his own personal AI.”

Just last week, a source told Comicbook.com that the Marvel Studios head is tasked with the responsibility to write off Spider-Man from MCU through the two-movie deal the studio has signed with Sony. The aim is to give “Sony full control of the character,” the report explained.

Marvel fans will have to wait and see how the deal impacts Spider-Man’s future in MCU and Feige’s plan for Holland in Marvel

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