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Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai is taking twists and turns and we are super excited for the next episode!

After replacing Khaani on Monday, Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai seemed a promising start last week. Airing on Geo TV, directed by Shaqielle Khan and produced by the amazing Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment, Tum Sey Hi Talluq Hai touches the sensitivities of marriage and one’s responsibilities to make it work.

In the recent episode we have witnessed that Sadan’s ignorance remains same towards his family as he spends time with Rama. Later he gets into argument with Nakhil as he spots them together and blames Sadan for deceiving his dutiful wife, Alina, and two innocent daughters. Upon overhearing his plans on call mistakenly, his mother’s condition gets worst and she falls unconscious. Sadan assures Rama that company will sanction the loan for her step father’s surgery and seems totally ignorant of his own family. He deliberately ignores Alina’s calls after which she informs him on text message that she is rushing towards hospital as his mother is not doing well.

Upon reaching there, he gets to know that she has expired. He strictly instructs Alina to ask Nakhil to go from funeral as anger hazes his mind despite the severity of occasion. The lawyer informs Alina that in her last days, her mother-in-law transferred all property and business on her name and Sadan reacts explosively upon hearing this news and expels Alina out of his house as he points gun and threats Nakhil while keeping children with himself.

The story has taken a twist providing Sadan with chances to bring Rama home fully and finally.

Wasi Shah’s brilliance with his work as he penned down Tum Sey Hi Talluq Hai and Sahir Ali Bagga’s pain-wrenching OST makes it a look-forward-to kind of Monday stories.

Let’s see how the story proceeds further!

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