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Uber driver reportedly harassed and threatened a female passenger in Karachi

Uber and Careem, especially in a country like Pakistan where security is a big issue, are supposed to be a safe haven for those looking for a reliable and secure method of transportation.

There is no doubt that life has become extremely easy with their existence, but at the same time we come to see about unwanted incidents and this time… Well I didn’t expect this till now.

Komal Kashif, a mom and final year BBA student. Just like any other day, booked an UBER ride, what she received in return was completely unexpected.

Komal took to social media to share what she experienced and to make sure that everyone who use these services are safe and aware.

A worrisome aspect of this whole incident is Uber and Careem, both have claimed at numerous occasions, that prospective drivers go through strict scrutiny (background check, training etc) before induction. Uber requires a police issued clearance certificate to apply for driver membership.

Despite all of these claims, there have been numerous cases all around the world where Uber drivers were found involved in various instances of robbery and sexual harassment of female passengers.

We will make sure to update you more on this incident once official word by Uber is available.

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