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In upcoming TV series ‘Ustani Ji’, a psychology professor has all the answers to her neighbourhood’s problems

The upcoming TV series ‘Ustani Ji’ is directed and produced by Angeline Malik of Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain, written by Yasra Rizvi, the play focuses on the main Ustani Ji (played by Rizvi), who teaches psychology at the nearby school, gives the neighbourhood kids tuitions and is additionally the go-to troubleshooter for the neighbourhood.

Rizvi shared a bit of background on her character, “My character is a single woman in her early thirties. Being the eldest daughter, she takes the responsibility of arranging the marriages of her younger siblings after their father passes away. When the play starts, her mother has also died, so she lives alone. She’s an ordinary woman, but strong and determined.”

“Through her character, we will see our society’s stories,” adds Rizvi as her character is a “solution-provider” to the whole neighbourhood. “She cares for people and actively tries to solve her problems.” In this way, her character’s story intersects with the rest of neighbourhood’s.

So each episode will feature a different cast, although Hammad Farooqui is featured as a regular character. Ustani Ji will air on Hum TV by March end.

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