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Urwa Hocane tried to sing, but failed big time!

Urwa Hocane tried to sing, but failed big time!

When you really think about it, there are not too many celebrities who just focus on one area of the entertainment industry anymore. A lot of top actors have dabbled in music. How many are actually good at it is a whole other story.

No matter how often they go together, singing and acting just aren’t the same skill set, and some of our favorite actors should never be asked to sing again.

Recently, Urwa Hocane released a song ‘Ao ley kar chalo.’ These days, with auto-tuning software, is it really possible to make just about anyone sound like they are an amazing singer? Hell no! I am not sure what exactly it takes to earn a bad reputation, but it definitely requires a lot of guts to do so.

I won’t say anything anymore but darling let’s just keep the singing part to Farhan Saeed only, as we cannot expect singers to be an actor we really don’t expect you to be a good singer as well.

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