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Ushna Shah makes a video clarifying the post about delivery guy

Pakistani star Ushna Shah has stepped forward once again to give an explanation.

The actor turned to Instagram to clear the air regarding the misconstrued tweets that went viral and wreaked havoc online with netizens bashing her.

In the video, the actor admitted that her tweets were tone deaf and could be easily misunderstood by anyone.

“Because I was a girl holding the dog, he wasn’t trusting my strength. I was encouraging him to come and put it on the table, constantly telling him that I am holding the dog,” she explained.

“But that did not work, so I jokingly told him ‘come on show some masculinity’ and because I know my patriarchal society, that kid enthusiastically came forward and kept the pizza on the table,” she added further.

Furthermore, she provided more context to the story and elaborated that the spoken words were meant to be taken lightly and were not targeting a particular group.

“I admit that I did use the patriarchy card which was a flaw of mine, it worked but I did not like that I had to use it to instill courage into the boy,” she said in the video.

“I had posted that tweet just to start a discussion around masculinity,” she clarified.



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Sticks & stones may.. nevermind. Haven’t had a controversy in a while but vow world! sometimes so much love and sometimes so much heavy-heavy nafrat. Why does it take split seconds to form such intense opinions 😶 I’m assuming nobody has never misworded something or said something politically incorrect in the moment. Social media can decide a person’s character to be flawed based on retweets & an isolated screenshot? I’m all up for constructive criticism but so much unwarranted fury? I know this stuff dies down & a new scapegoat replaces the old one but isn’t this a bit much? I made a statement as a joke (which was delivered as a joke and laughingly taken as a joke) A statement every mother/father/teacher/older sibling from the previous generation has made at some point. A statement one still hears, it isn’t a complete taboo. I REALIZED how backwards it was as per today’s woke culture and my own morals hence I shared it publicly and I’m suddenly the new Kanye? (I wish weisay). ITNA ghussa without even knowing everything? ITNI rage that nobody bothers hearing the backstory or hearing one out?Speaking of unwarranted rage, please watch the video until the end if possible. Thank you and bhai ab buss 🙏 there are bigger and more real issues. I DO NOT bully people and I sure as heck don’t tolerate BEING BULLIED. Enough. And since desperate times call for desperate measures I’m going to quote Jesus: let he who has not sinned (in this case made a tone deaf joke to someone who genuinely found it funny) cast the first stone (tweet). Officially moving on. #ushnashah #ushna

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