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Victoria Beckham launches her new makeup line

The 45-year-old fashion designer Victoria Beckham has turned her attention to spearheading a ‘’clean beauty movement’’ and all of the products in Victoria Beckham Beauty have been developed using ‘’only the cleanest ingredients’’.

The former Spice Girls singer said of her new venture: ‘’I have always been beauty-obsessed, and I want to create beautiful solutions that address my customers from head to toe, inside and out. ‘’It is all about making my community feel like the very best versions of themselves.’’

Products currently on sale include smokey eye bricks – a compact eye shadow palette – which are on sale for £48, while single ‘lid lustre’ eyeshadows cost £28 and eyeliners are £20. Lip and skin products will be made available in the near future.


A video on the range’s Instagram account featured Victoria working in a laboratory to create one of the bricks. She said: ‘’It really is about empowering women through fashion and beauty. It’s important to feel good about yourself because that radiates. It’s so inspiring and really uplifting.

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