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The viral video of Sanam Chaudhry and Yashma Gill is creating a buzz over the internet!

Internet can either make you or break you and we all have seen examples! We have seen people building their careers through viral videos and on the other hand some of the videos have destroyed them.

You don’t know what can get viral and make you a hero and this is why most of the people like make senseless videos to get the fame overnight. But our celebrities are already famous and refrain from such viral videos because they surely give negative impact on their image.

Recently, a viral video of Sanam Chaudhry and Yashma Gill went viral, in the video Sanam probably using Snapchat and Yashma is sitting next to her and by the looks of it they are in a restaurant. Sanam moves the camera to Yashma and showed some love – she intends to kiss her cheeks and so as Yashma but mistakenly they almost kissed each other on lips and burst into laughter. Well, it’s okay to show love to your best friend but it is not okay to post such video and it seems like they video went viral through Sanam’s Snapchat or insta story because she was the one who made this video. Well have a look at the video:

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