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Vlogger Mooroo joking about being a child molester is not acceptable

ouTuber Taimoor Salahuddin, commonly known as Mooroo, has countless subscribers and is one of Pakistan’s most popular Vlogger. He creates some impressive content that ranges from music to vlogs and podcasts and his work is loved by millions of people. He is a singer, a writer, a composer, a very good actor, a director and a sketch artist as well.

The social media influencer has come under fire for referring himself as a ‘child molester’ in one of his routine light-hearted skits on his Instagram handle and the social media is ablaze!

Mooroo is currently on a family vacation and was making his usual Instagram stories. In doing so, he engaged in a humorous conversation with a spider present in his room.

The conversation was supposed to be taken ‘light heartedly’, we get it. But then he used the word child molester to make a pun. “If you (spider) crawl in my mouth and reproduce, I will eat your children up. Mein tou hun hi child molester (I am a child molester anyway),” he says in the video.

Since the video became viral, social media has lit up with people expressing their disappointment.

It’s high time that public figures understand that child abuse is an incredibly cruel and pressing issue that we face as a society. The reason why such jokes are unacceptable on all levels is that taking them ‘light-heartedly’ only normalizes such vices.

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