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What happened when Kate Middleton invited her ex-boyfriend to wedding with Prince William?

Kate Middleton dated ex-beau Willem Marx, years before she fell in love with Prince William, at the St. Andrews University in Scotland.

While it is common tradition to invite your ex to your wedding, it looks like Willem Marx was not happy about getting treated for the same.

According to The Telegraph’s “Mandrake” diary columnist, when he asked Willem about his reaction on receiving the invite to attend the royal wedding, he blasted outrageously.

“Who told you I had been invited?” Willem asked.

“I’m shocked that you try to make such high brow assertions about protection sources,” he said and claimed, “[It is] a false assertion that you are obliged to protect these sources.”

Willem continued to lash out at the columnist, “People like you should focus on the important events this planet is witnessing at the moment. I suggest you report on something that actually matters,” he said.

Kate Middleton and Willem Marx starting seeing each other in 2000 during her college years at Malbourough College.

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