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Women associated to media are often objectified in our society - Ayesha Omer

Women associated to media are often objectified in our society – Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer is a brilliant actress and has huge fan following. She is one of the finest actresses we have, who is equally skillful at hosting too not only this she is also an activist who would make her opinion heard.

Recently in an interview Ayesha spoke about why it is important for a women to stand for themselves. Why is a woman working in a multinational firm or teaching at a school, not always treated the same way as a woman associated to media is?

“I’m not sure whether I am a powerful woman, but I do believe strongly about certain things. I want to come across as a strong woman and I do call myself a feminist as well. However, the definition of feminism is very vague and many women refrain from call themselves feminists because they think feminists are angry man-hating women, which is far from the truth. My meaning of feminism means equal opportunities for men and women.”

“I do not despise men for any reason and I don’t seek to take advantage of being a woman. Women, however, need to stand in solidarity with each other in this patriarchal society, which will help broaden our collective horizons,” she further added.

As much as we agree with Ayesha we believe it’s not easy to stand up as a women and talk about things that are not acceptable by our society. We’re always afraid we might say the wrong thing, but more women need to stand up and talk about it. What’s your say on it?

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