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Yes, I am a Feminist: Sara Ali Khan!

During an recent interview Sara Ali Khan proved herself to not just be talented but politically and socially aware as well by terming herself a feminist and explaining what it truly stands for.

“I believe in equality. I believe in gender equality, class equality, religious equality and political and social equality. So if this is how one defines feminism, then yes, I am a feminist,” she stated.

Sara Ali Khan had gone on to shed light on how her entry into the industry has led her to encountering numerous pressures and what she does to tackle them: “This industry can engulf you but you have to have a sense of balance, and you can’t let it get too much on your head. After the release of the film there will be a void. Because acting is a job, many people will be around you. So when you are alone that’s when you learn how to deal with things.”

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