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Zahid Ahmed to be playing a man with split personality disorder in an upcoming drama

Zahid Ahmed has been roped in for drama Ishq Zahe Naseeb and we can barely recognise him.

Hum TV dropped a teaser for the drama and it looks like Ahmed sees himself as Yumna Zaidi. Yes, we’re as curious as you.

Accoriding to Zahid Ahmed’s team, the actor will be playing a man with split personality disorder.

Ahmed said, “I can’t reveal much about the story yet. All I can say is that every human needs love and deserves it but when society denies you of your basic rights, then you will become something to be feared.”

Muqaddas author Hashim Nadeem has written the script and Farooq Rind has directed it under Moomal Productions.

“Farooq Rind is the best director in our industry and this is my fourth play with him The experience gets better every time. I consider myself blessed that he enjoys working with me,” said Ahmed.

Apart from Yumna Zaidi who we see in the teaser, the cast also includes Sonya Hussain and Zarnish Khan.

About taking on this role, Ahmed said, “I always want to do challenging characters and this was a great challenge. Such topics are never discussed but a few brave people can change anything when they get together and that’s what we have done.”

He added, “We have taken a brave decision and the rest is up to how the audience will receive it… I don’t have expectations, but I do hope people will appreciate the fact that we have taken a brave step in bringing a mystery thriller to their screens.”

Ishq Zahe Naseeb will air right after Eid.

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