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Sorry Girls! Zayn Malik isn't nominated for a Grammy

Sorry Girls! Zayn Malik isn’t nominated for a Grammy

It must be a time of extreme heartbreak for all the Zayn Malik fans, read: girls, as the singer has been left out of the Grammy nominations. Malik wasn’t nominated for the position, even when he was a part of ‘One Direction’, owing that the band couldn’t stand par to the other nominations.

However, this time around, Zayn Malik’s solo was anticipated to be the hottest nomination for a Grammy. His solo debut album “Mind Of Mine”, which launched in March 2016 fared extremely well, with the single ‘Pillow Talks’ topping the charts. The fans had their hopes high for the Grammy nominations, but, fate is not always on your side friends.

Over the outrage on Zayn Malik being ditched out of the nominations on Twitter, the Grammy officials tried to calm down the fans with a subtle explanation. According to the senior vice president of Grammy awards at the Recording Academy;

“This was actually pretty clear cut given the international success of One Direction. It’s been a few years since Zayn Malik came to prominence as a member of that group, making him ineligible for the best new artist category this year.”

I can hear million hearts shattering, right now.

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