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Zhalay Sarhadi still pissed off at Hamza Ali Abbasi’s comments on her item number ‘Jawani’!

The Pakistan entertainment industry brings us a grapevine almost everyday. You never know what or who’s going to make rounds on the internet in the next few hours.

This time, It was a Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi was the one who landed on hot waters regarding a remark he made some time back. It was none other than actress and model Zhalay Sarhadi who did not appreciate his poor choice of words.

Hamza ‘complemented’ a fellow performer, Zhalay Sarhadi on her recent dance performance in the hit song “Jawani”.  Back in 2015, Hamza had this to say on Facebook:

“I am tremendously proud of Zhalay Sarhadi for not taking her clothes off in her performance and proud of Yasir Jaswal for not going along with the emerging trend of revealing item numbers in Pakistani films.”

Seems like those patronizing choice of words landed him in trouble.

The actress in question recently revealed that she was angry at Hamza for his ill-thought-out ‘compliment.’

The Chalay Thay Saath star shared her two cents on the incident while speaking to Ahsan Khan on his chat show. She revealed her journey from model to actress to appearing in an “item number”.

When asked about “item number” songs in Pakistan and the trend, Zhalay sarcastically said,

“One should ask Hamza Ali Abbasi.”

Zhalay also shared her interaction with Hamza, where he said,

“Zhalay, I am so proud of you! You were completely dressed. In the song, you were completely dressed.”

Safe to say, Zhalay did not appreciate his ‘compliment.’ She told Ahsan that she was angry at Abbassi for blatantly using her as an example to score some points on the topic of women wearing revealing clothes.

Check out the full interview:

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