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Wait What! Is Zoe Viccaji, Sanam Saeed's latest stalker?

Wait What! Is Zoe Viccaji, Sanam Saeed’s latest stalker?

Yes, you might have your mouths hanging after reading the title. Don’t blame us, we had too! Zoe Viccaji is Sanam Saeed’s newest fangirl, oh sorry.. fanboy!

Wait What! Is Zoe Viccaji, Sanam Saeed's latest fangirl?

Yeah, right! That creepy boy in the picture above is Zoe Viccaji with our very own Sanam Saeed. The singing sensation has been making the headlines due to her boy imposter for an upcoming song.

The nerdy spectacles, boyish hats, and oversized clothes – that’s the day to day Sanam fanboy, Zoe is portraying in the song. And, there is not an inch of doubt that she is perfectly fitting into the role, which definitely makes us wonder that Ms. Viccaji has a tinch of acting in her too! See the teaser and decided for yourself:

As you can see the video concluding, the Zoe fanboy surprises Sanam by handing her the card which reads “Ishq Kinaara” and it takes us no brains to figure that it is the name of her upcoming song.Wait What! Is Zoe Viccaji, Sanam Saeed's latest stalker?

Sanam in her uber-glam diva look and Zoe in completely nerdy yet geeky avatar has our eyes locked on this song. We simply can’t wait!

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