I’m sorry if I don’t give you proper time: Says Maya Ali

Mothers are a true blessing and why shouldn’t they be? From giving birth to you, bringing you up with the best she can do and still managing to look after you like a baby even if you are 25 above. It’s a blessing, all moms are.

Will a child ever be able to pay back their parents in any way? I don’t think so, the amount of love they reflect back at you is impossible to either be returned or retained back from someone else ever. Recently, a famous actress Maya Ali confessed a very emotional message to her mother apologizing for not being able to pick her calls and that she would have been nothing without her.

She further on added up saying,My jan, my life, my strength. I wish I could find the words to write about you Amma. I hope I have been able to be a good daughter. I wish I could give you every single moment of peace. With you, I exist, and without you I am nothing. If I have achieved any thing in life so far, it’s all just because of your prayers. I am sorry if I don’t pick up your call when I am at a shoot, I am sorry if I don’t give you proper time as you have sacrificed your life to raise your kids. Amma I wish I could give you even 1% of what you have done. ALLAH app ka saya hum pe hamesha salamat rakhey Ameen. Love you my superwoman”. 

This mother daughter combo got love and prayers from millions of people and we hope they continue to do so, please always pray for your parents and spend time with them so you don’t have anything to regret later on.



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