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In conversation with the king of couture HSY

FHM: Tell us about your success journey, how did you start?
HSY: I started out as a choreographer, later transitioning into fashion designing. I wouldn’t say I have reached my full potential but I believe through hard work and persistence, God has put me on the right track.

FHM: What makes you stand out amongst other designers?
HSY: I think more than just my design aesthetics, it’s my journey what I feel distinguishes me from all my designer friends whom I love and respect immensely.

FHM: How would you describe your signature style?
HSY: Regal – Timeless – Classic – Royal are few words that I would use to describe my signature style.

FHM: If you were not a designer what would you have been?
HSY: I would have been either a lawyer or a marketer working for a MNC.

FHM: What’s the biggest lesson you have learned since started your own company.
HSY: You’ve got to have talent and interest in whatever you do but there isn’t any substitute for hard work and persistence.

FHM: What are your inspirations for the design you create?
HSY: My inspirations come from all spheres of life, it could be something as simple as a person I know, or a book I read or it could also come from the places I have travelled, the people and art I have seen all over the World.

FHM: What is your greatest accomplishment?
HSY: I like to believe that I’m a self-made person. My mother’s love and prayers along with hard work in the face of many obstacles have made me who I am today.

FHM: Have you had any mentors or inspirations?
HSY: Back in the time when I started, we always use to look up to Bunto Kazmi who in my view is an institution in herself. Apart from that, internationally I have always been inspired by the works of Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Versace, D&G; there have been a lot of inspirations but my main pillar of strength and mentor will forever be my mom.

FHM: How can this industry help the economy of Pakistan?
HSY: I think it’s already contributing to the economy. Investment being made at this point of time in this sector is huge and will only increase in the future.

FHM: What are your international achievements?
HSY: I have shown at multiple platforms all across Europe, Middle East, America and other parts of the World. Apart from that, my brand has been featured by leading fashion/lifestyle magazines, I was titled the “New King of Couture” by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, I’ve dressed international celebrities. The list is endless.

FHM: You have been part of this industry for a while, do you think that it has grown, if yes then how?
HSY: Yes, I believe it has grown tremendously and is still growing. Look at the number of designer labels that have come to the limelight in the past decade. Look at the number of Lawn collections and collaborations that happen every year. Not to forget, fashion shows and platforms along with massive retail expansion are all pointing in that direction.

FHM: What advice would you give to young individuals who want to pursue a career in designing?
HSY: Be original, work hard and have faith in your work. Your work should be a creative expression of how you see the World. Individuality is something that will never be out of fashion.


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