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In conversation with Urooj Yasir – AGM Marketing, Nishat Linen Private Limited

From Day One, Urooj Yasir realized that marketing and advertising would determine the success of Nishat Linen with an apparent ever-growing competition in the industry. She joined Nishat Linen back in 2003 and has evolved with the company ever since; wearing different hats whenever required and excelling in every task assigned to her.

With over 15 years of progressive experience in strategic planning, team building and marketing management; she is tasked with the direction of all phases of both the creative and technical elements of the wonderful Marketing campaign initiatives of Nishat Linen, Urooj Yasir exudes creativity!
By virtue of her calm and cool headed personality in the office, she continues to be a mentor and a role-model to all team members. With bags of experience behind her, she is quickly able to identify and solve problems, turn ideas into logical strategies, and implement systems that optimize productivity and effectively increase consumer awareness and satisfaction.

Climbing up the ladder of success has not been easy feat for this modern professional. But with an unparalleled passion for her work and having spent countless hours in the office, she has grown tremendously as one of the best in the industry.

Brief us about your educational journey and how did you become a part of Nishat Linen Private Limited.
Answer: I joined Nishat Linen after the completion of my MBA and since then I have worked my way up to the position where I am.

With the growing competitive market, how can you determine the success of Nishat Linen?
Answer: It is certainly difficult to survive in such a competitive industry, but by the Will of God and our utmost determination as a team, we encounter every problem before it even becomes a problem. So, I believe staying proactive is one of key reason of our success.

What is your style of management and how would you define your team’s success from that of others?
Answer: I like to believe that I have a democratic management style as I allow my team to make their own decisions in certain aspects. Largely speaking, I like to collaborate with my team as much as possible so the secret behind the team’s success is a lot of healthy communication which removes any possibilities of a mistake.

What challenges do you face, being a woman, and leading one of the largest textile brands in Pakistan?
Answer: Companies are said to be more profitable when they have at least 30% women on the board, Nishat Linen exceeds that number by a fair distance. This is a progressive company that focuses on women empowerment so a lot of things that have the potential of becoming a huge issue don’t become one. I feel immensely proud to have been given an opportunity to showcase my true potential here at Nishat Linen and all of us strive to become even better.

What tasks are you headed with at Nishat Linen and what’s been the biggest achievement under your hat?
Answer: I work in the capacity of the Assistant General Manager Marketing here at Nishat Linen so I take care of all the marketing and advertising related activities of the brand. I think every collective and progressive step we take as a company is an achievement that I feel very proud of.

What new strategies have you implemented at Nishat Linen, to enhance and maintain its market standard?
Answer: We are always on the lookout of finding better ways to do our job. We are continuously adapting to the changes that our industry is facing, this fundamentally means that a lot of emphasis is on the involvement of various technologies and software platforms which enables us to make our work more effective and result driven.

What is the reason behind your progressive success and that of Nishat Linen?
Answer: I am of the view that you don’t excel unless and until you give something your all. With Nishat Linen I have done the same. So, collective hard-work, collaboration amongst teams and the thirst to become the best keeps us all motivated in the right direction.

Being a woman, what message would you like to give to ladies nationwide?
Answer: Find a passion, work hard and give it everything you have. I firmly believe that if you have the will and desire to achieve something, nothing can stop you.

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