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deception hum showcase

Deepak & Fahad will present Deception on HUM Showcase day 1

The designer duo Deepak n Fahad have been here for a short time, but have definitely succeeded in making their mark throughout the length and breadth of fashion world. With their latest stint of showing their collection in ‘HUM Showcase’ Day 1, we had an exclusive conversation on what major design aspirations are we going to see with this new collection.

While talking about their initiative of starting a full-fledged business, they said:

“At first we started working online, then we worked from home, but obviously we couldn’t call everybody to our home. This is why we opened an outlet so we can do retailing, made to order and bridals also.”

deception hum showcase

On the support they have gathered in the fashion world, they stated:

“We work mostly on custom made orders and that refers to our bridals. Since DnF has been associated with HUM TV, we participated in BCW and got an amazing response. We initially started off with FPW, so Maheen Khan and Deepak Perwani have supported us a lot throughout the journey.”

On the pressure that lies ahead of showcasing any collection:

“The pressure is a lot this time, as we have maintained a standard already; getting calls from the people asking about the collection that we are going to showcase. But, we are really confident that we will set another mark after this.”

deception hum showcase deception hum showcase

As far as the aspiration for the latest collection ‘Deception’ is concerned, the duo revealed:

“Deception is basically inspired with geometric shapes; how different lines and shapes can create an abstract art. So the new collection has a lot of artistic image, the color palette is black and white, we didn’t want to go for colorful palette as it will get a confused image. We are showing a total of 10-12 looks and it’s a capsule collection.”

deception hum showcase

FHM Pakistan wishes the designer duo a very good luck and we can’t wait for whatever new collection they have in store for us in the future, Good luck DnF!

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