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Imran Farooq Malik – a new kid on the block talks about his dream debut with Hareem Farooq!

1. Let’s talk about your background. Where were you born and raised and what exactly have you studied?

I am a bleed-green Pakistani, born in Karachi and settled in Islamabad. My family belongs to Chakwal and as many may know, Chakwal is known for its affiliation with the military. Since this affiliation also runs in my family, I have visited almost every city in Pakistan. Academically, I completed my high school in Islamabad and now hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from London, UK. 

2. Tell us how you landed in acting? How did all this happen?

I grew up watching a lot of Bollywood/Hollywood movies and admiring the art of acting. SRK, Amitabh Bachan, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise were and still are my favorites. At home, I would often find myself making dramatic and comedic videos on my own and with my brothers and it wasn’t long before I realized that I wanted to be an actor. My sudden outbursts of acting were also always appreciated by my family which kept me going. Next thing I knew, Imran Raza Kazmi was giving me my first opportunity to make an appearance on the screen. He supported me not only as a mentor, but as a friend rather more like an elder brother and I am so content that I was given this opportunity.

Imran Raza Kazmi provides platform for young enthusiastic and aspiring actors who deserve to show their capabilities and I thank him for believing in me.

3. What’s your character like in Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka? What do you expect from this and how was your experience working?

I play the role of Arsal, who is a friend and confidante of Armaan. My character guides and consoles Armaan in times of need and I think both our roles have tied up very well. My expectation was that the audience would be able to understand and relate to my character. And so far, my expectation has been met as my role has been well-received and well-responded by the viewers.

The entire experience has been so great and satisfying because I finally got to do and see “acting”; all the lights, cameras, behind the scenes and working with such talented co-stars. 

4. How has the experience been?

 The experience has been very wholesome and I am so happy my first experience was with IRK. It felt more like a family and I never got the feeling that I am a newcomer in this industry. The team has always supported me and appreciated me throughout this journey. I couldn’t have asked for more! 

5. If you were not to be an actor then what career would you have picked?

 If I would not have entered the acting industry, you would have found me in the fashion industry. Although my first preference was to be an actor and then later start my own fashion line, turns out I achieved my goals the other way round. I am already an established fashion designer before being an actor and I think it all worked out for the best! My clothing line is called Boski and Whites and it’s something I’ve been passionately working on for about 4.5 years now. 

If it was none of these things, then I would have loved to be an undercover agent.

6. What future projects do you have?

 I am open to all opportunities and have some projects in the pipeline with IRK which I am looking forward to. I plan on keeping myself busy as I feel these early years in a new industry are paramount for anyone. 

7. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to join the industry, what advice do you want to give them?

 My advice to all those who are looking to join the industry is to believe in yourself! This industry has a lot to offer but only for those who have a lot to offer to this industry, so it is important to give it your hundred percent at all times and learn from others.

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