Moisturize away!

Are you worried about your skin always flaking or breaking out? Please read along so I can help you minimize your issue.

As the quote says ” Invest in your skin, it’s going to represent you for a very long time.” Definitely, having a pimple is no issue but not taking care of that pimple is a big no go. Start caring about your skin, keep yourself hydrated, let you skin breathe, know the products you’re allergic to and stop using them, choose the correct products be it makeup or medicine and consult a dermatologist  before you try anything on your face. Not everyone has the same skin texture or metabolism, please start taking it serious.

As winters are approaching, our skin will start to break out because of dryness, how can you stop yourself from dryness and maintain the smooth skin texture throughout the whole of winters? Yes, moisturize yourself. As the title says, Moisturize away! Keep yourself especially your face, elbows, knees and hands all time moisturized because there are 89% chances of skin to flake out from these areas.

I am going to suggest you a few moisturizers which will soften your skin, keep it hydrated and also give it a glow!

Few best moisturizers are:

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion: This the most light weight lotion which won’t feel heavy or consumed on your skin once you apply it & also stays hydrated for a longer period of time. Plus, it is fragrance free and paraben free so it won’t irritate your skin.





Primary Cerapair barrier repair moisturiser:  This is for normal to dry skin but some people with oily skin might even enjoy this especially night time as a cream as it repairs your skin. Moreover, if you have a lot of breakouts or you have an irritated skin, you should definitely go for this product as the ingredients are amazing, it’s non comedogenic, no fragrance, and no essential oils at all.




Clinique Moisturizer: This is the only lotion that gives you serious hydration which will keep your skin glowy, soft and breathable. This product is also fragrance free, I personally love this product compared to many high end products, this is suitable for not only dry skin but also oily skin as it settles within seconds. If you are to invest in a good moisturizer, go for clinique!



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