Obesity a social stigma?


Author: Usman Ghani

We are all aware of the health issues faced by overweight people, they are more prone to diabetes and heart-related illness. What if I was to tell you that there is a greater issue they face? Yes, can be more alarming for an obese person? Unfortunately, there is something which is deeply rooted, almost like drilled in an obese person’s mind. That’s our society and its perception of them. Social and emotional effects on obese people include discrimination, lower wages, attachment issues which all lead to depression.

To begin with, given the pros of social media unfortunately we have managed to corrupt our minds with unrealistic and fake standards defined under an umbrella created by the word “beauty”. This is one of the most misinterpreted words by us, but that’s a topic for another day.


Coming back to societal standards, we are so obsessed with the perfect look, the perfect fit that all created by gram models and celebrities. Little do we know; these standards are personal and can vary for every individual but we have managed to set them as a benchmark of perfection. An overweight person is almost struggling in the most basic of a task such waking up early, finding clothes that will make them feel confident, and subconsciously reminding themselves that they can do anything which a normal person can do easily. Amongst all that social media is here to remind them that they are not capable of anything if they look a certain way. Imagine the stress exerted on them as if they are not dealing with their insecurities.


Secondly, a social circle has a huge impact on an obese person’s mind. Whether it’s the casual comment passed on body fat wrapped up as a joke or a straight-up insult. It has a huge impact on the person receiving it, it shatters their confidence they cannot even look at themselves in the mirror. Obese men and women are supposed to take all of the insults as a joke like it’s mandatory. What’s worse is that they have to be okay with it and not voice their opinion. This has a long-lasting effect on one’s mind. The consequences of such a toxic social group include overthinking, low self-esteem and decreased willpower.


Secondly, let me highlight the most shocking thing an obese person has to face that almost to me is inhumane. After mustering up a lot of courage an obese person decides to slowly improve his health condition, hit the gym, change certain eating habits. And guess what you get at the gym? These fitness freaks gazing at an overweight person with a certain look in their eyes as if they are not supposed to exist. Imagine that a place where one is supposed to feel motivated to lose weight, people are existing to defy the very purpose of that place, as a result, a person who decides to make a difference in his life is going back home demotivated and shattered.

These are just a few examples of the brutality an obese person faces, which have a huge impact on their physical and mental, which cannot be comprehended by anyone except them. Stop making it worse!

Just be kind, treat everyone equally with respect.




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