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7up Valentines

The universal time for love is approaching, when everyone appreciates a baby cupid flying around in a diaper hitting people with heart shaped arrows that intend on making them fall in love. Pakistan on the other hand is a bit difficult when it comes to valentine’s day. Valentine’s day has become a Meme Centered holiday in Pakistan. Since most people that are currently in relationships are in incognito mode, whilst the golden people that are currently not in a relationship celebrate by tagging each other in memes.

7Up started its #ManaLoFoodKaLove campaign, the response was amazing from people all over Pakistan. 7Up decided it was time to celebrate valentines with what you love the most, FOOD!

7Up even responded to their favorite pictures and quirky captions by gifting them food vouchers! So, they can enjoy what they love the most on 14th February.

This 14th February it’s time to get creative with 7Up, An iPhone will be given to the person that posts the best picture with a quirky caption tagging #ManaLoFoodKaLove. If you don’t win the iPhone there is still a chance you would win food vouchers from 7Up. It’s time to celebrate love with 7Up this 14th February.

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