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All you need to know about “Churails”

Asim Abbasi the Best Director winner in London Asian Film Festival 2018 has come up with a  ten episodes web series “Churails”. These series reveals how women are treated in our society which leaves them no choice but to take desperate measures. This series is set in Karachi but speaks to audiences all over the world. 

Churails is about courageous women whose motto is to wreak revenge on men who have made their lives miserable. This series stars some of the best talents from the Pakistani entertainment industry and each woman has her own personality to define her character. Sarwat Gilani (Sara), the lead actress, has the perfect house and family but wants more from life. She wants to be herself. Yasra Rizvi (Jugnu) is a high profile event planner who is rich and single. Nimra Bucha (Batool) is a murderer released from prison and Meher Bano (Zubaida), the youngest of all wants to break free from her family and pursue boxing. These four meet each other and come together for a purpose. They start a spying service hiding behind a “Halal Boutique” to help other women identify cheating spouses.

This trailer shows it has a bit of flamboyance and whim but turns into something significant and relatable. It tells a woman what she should do when societal norms are eating away her identity. It showcases toxic men who are happy and angelic until you decide to break free from them. However, the show has never propagated to hate men, but it shows how people in powerful positions abuse their power, which is mostly men in our society.

To our surprise, with each passing episode, the show gets dark and gloomy, and you will get be hooked on to it till the end. Asim has outdone himself in this series be it the storyline or the character development. The impeccable sense of direction shines through. The cinematography and the attention to detail in each shot are commendable. The series ended on a cliffhanger increasing curiosity. We wonder what will the next set of episodes bring on the table

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