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Ayesha Malik lambastes Priyanka again on Twitter

 Ayesha Malik, the girl who called out Priyanka at a show for her tweets that encouraged war can still be seen fired up on media with many in support of her.

This girl was forced to keep quiet on the show when she questioned Priyanka on the show as her tweets advocated aggression and being a UN ambassador for peace, her activities were controversial. This girl was forced to move back when the mic was snatched away from her and was publicly slammed down by PC.

Now the masses are in support of Ayesha and recently on Twitter she slammed down Priyanka in response and as a perfect comeback for what she faced at the show. She pointed it out on a video of Priyanka where she was speaking in the context of women empowerment and awareness for educating women.

Ayesha, shared this video with a tweet for Priyanka that stated, “I totally agree with you. Now let them speak the truth to empower, without snatching the mic away from them.”

To this, many hopped in to support her and humorously picked on her actions that can lead to her cancellation sooner or later.

These fierce replies have taken over the media really quick:

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