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What if boys start getting henna done too?

Sounds like we’re questioning masculinity doesn’t it? Well, we could watch Ranbir Kapoor sing to Anushka on her wedding in a movie with henna on but why can’t we let boys explore all forms of halal tattoos!

Just recently we saw a tweet surfacing on Twitter, posted by a young individual who had an intricate pattern of henna on his hands.

He used the term, “Putting men in mehndi.”

@alyees blocked out all the negativity by tweeting a series of threads that shut down any hate comment that might try to target him for a new trend he plans on forwarding. He stated that rather than having double standards we need to embrace the fact that henna is not limited to females and males are open to try it.

Reposting some of his old pictures where we can clearly see a beautiful henna design which has us drooling too. He also mentioned how kids from desi-families face gender discrepancy from the society they live in which has them confused and anxious.

Boys and Girls take notes!

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