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Why are celebrities snapping their fingers?

Recently many celebrities including Fahad Mustafa, Shaan Shahid and Hania Aamir were spotted snapping their fingers and posting short clips on social media. The out of the box trend created a lot of confusion and curiosity among their fans.


Finally the idea behind the campaign has been revealed. The theme of the campaign is to snap your fingers every time you see someone breaking a traffic rule or regulation.

The campaign is led by Shell Helix and called #DriveOnPakistan. This CSR campaign is something direly needed by our nation specially the young drivers. Leaving all other rules aside traffic rules are broken on daily basis putting a lot lives in danger.

The #DriveOnPakistan campaign initiated by Shell Helix is a big step in highlighting socially responsible behavior whilst driving and seems like a natural fit for the brand. Shell Helix has launched a campaign where people pledge to make Pakistan’s roads safer. By snapping your fingers at anyone and everyone who breaks the traffic laws, you are not only calling for their attention but you are also reminding them to act more responsibly.

With this initiative, the brand wants to prompt Pakistanis to change their behavior while driving and be careful on the road. It encourages citizens to be more conscious and considerate of others whilst driving.

Furthermore to complement their efforts the brand has also painted speed breakers in various cities of Pakistan to make them more visible and prominent. We appreciate the step and hope it creates a long term effect and helps in reducing traffic accidents thus making Pakistan a much better and safer place to live.

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