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Celebrity Gossip is Stronger Than Any Virus!

As we all know, these days a new hot piece of gossip is circulating on social media. Not going to take any names here, but you know what I’m talking about.

What I wanted to discuss here today is the need to pry into other people’s lives that we all feel we are entitled to. Granted many of us do questionable things in our lives, and the other many of us feel that we are entitled to expose the people who are doing questionable things. Doesn’t that make both parties equally bad? Two wrongs don’t make a right and this is the lesson to be learnt here from witnessing this unfortunate state of “affairs”.

To all those people who are think it is okay to harass a woman for something that both parties were equally party to, shame on you. To all those who are blindly defending said woman, and condemning the acts of another woman who commit violent acts, shame on you too. there is no right side to pick here. all three parties involved are wrong in their own respects and this is a matter between the three of them.

To the lady who made a mockery out of this matter in front of the entire world. May God show you a less violent and less embarrassing path. When we hide other people’s shortcomings, God hides ours too.

All that is to be said in this matter is, a criminal should be punishable by law and the cheating parties BOTH need to be held accountable for their actions, legally. NOT at the hands of a scorned woman.

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